1. Name - Count Tyler Crossbones
  2. Guild - Armed Guard
  3. Family - Head of the Crossbones family
  4. Imperial Rank - No rank (Traitor)
  5. Occupation - Prime Minister of Switzerland, Lord Marshall of the Armed Guard
  6. Age - 44 years old (in game)

Former GuildsEdit

  1. Edgewalker Co. - Flag Lieutenant
  2. British EITC Military - Lieutenant of Captain Form
  3. Former Armed Guard - Flag Lieutenant
  4. Armed Guard - Captain

Members of FamilyEdit

  1. Marquis Alexander Crossbones - Father (deseased)
  2. Duke Michael Crossbones - Uncle (missing)
  3. Baron Nigel Crossbones - Brother
  4. James Crossbones - Son
  5. Nicole Mathews - Mother (in england)

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