We the people and subjects of Emperor Kwagar and of his Empire shall follow his lead to where ever he may lead us. We shall obay the laws passed by the Emperor and we shall obey our commanding officers. We shall take in anyone. If they are Pirate, Eitc, Navy, Undead, or anything else as long as they are loyal.

Article I - The Emperor

The Empire shall be controlled by the Emperor.

Section 1 - The Ruler

The Empire shall be ruled by the Empeor. Emperor Kwagar's wors is law. What ever he says shall be and will be done.

Section 2 - Founders

The founders of the Empire who are Emperor Kwagar, Master Tito and Hector shall be given the up most respect. They created the Empire and they shall be the controllers of it, however Armyror Kwagar]] shall have complete control over the Empire.

Article II - The Ruling Government

The Empires government shall be a monarchy and it follows Imperialism.

Section 1 - The Royal Family

Section 2 - The Imperial Senate

Section 3 - Territory Rulers

Section 4 - Island Government - Island Lords

Subsection 1 - The Capital Island

Subsection 2 - The Main Island

Subsection 3 - The Outpost Island

Article III - The Active Military

The Empire shall have a active Military.

Section 1 - The Right to Serve

Anyone in the Empire has a right to serve in the Military.

Section 2 -

Section 3 -

Article IV -

Section 1

Section 2

Article V -

Section 1

Section 2

Article VI -

Section 1

Section 2

Article VII -

Section 1

Section 2

Article VIII -

Section 1

Section 2

Article IX -

Section 1

Section 2

Article X -

Section 1

Section 2


  1. Emperor Kwagar Ruler of the Caribbean and the Empire

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