The Imperial Academy

The Imperial Academy is school of the Empire.


  1. Head Master - open
  2. Sword Master - open
  3. Guns Master - open
  4. Doll Master - open
  5. Dagger Master - open
  6. Grenade Master - open
  7. Staff Master - open
  8. Naval Combat Master - open
  9. Battle Formations and Commands Master - open
  10. Government Master - open
  11. Assassin Master - Liam Shooter
  12. Recon and Spy Master - Jim Stormbreaker - approved


General/Admiral 100%
Commander/Commodore 90%
Major 80%
Captain 70%
Lieutenant 60%
Sergeant 50%
Corporal 40%
Officer 30%
Private 20%
Soldier/Sailor/Trooper 10%

Academy Wars

Academy War

Each team controls these islands according to their color.

Academy Wars is testing the skills you have learned for you to have an actually rank or promotion in the Empire. 3 teams: Blue, Red, and Green will have a war over the Caribbean to take control over all islands.

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