The Golden Lion is an older war frigate captaind by Admeral Qswas.

this is the oldest ship in the golden fleet.

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The Golden Lion

It was made in America with wood only known to be found there.

she is made with the same wood and desighn that the U.S.S. Constitution was built with. usually ship cannon balls bounce off but recently has been armored with iorn to deflect newer cannons and shells. "The Golden Lion Is an old lady but she can still take your ship on and go for more." This ship has had a long history of war and has many years still to come.

Broad sides: 2 decks of 30

Cannons: 12 pounders


due to its older desighn The golden lion is slower than other newer ships. the craftsmanship replaces the slowness by being able to have most cannon shells bounce off the hull of the ship without too much truble. Even though the sides are thick like all ships its weakest spot is in the back. she manevers well and can battle any newer ship without too much truble. she is not an old ship she is in her prime and will be seen for many of years to come.