Air Warriors a guild of Many Sam Dutschmann is the guildmaster.He is currently lvl 42 ,and his rank in the empire is Warlord.He has so far mastered Sword, Dagger, Gun, P
Air warriors
otions, and FishingAir Warriors fights hard with their leader,Their allies are Bros In Chaos, Otherworld, and The Paradox. Halle, Trader of the Undead, Poeman, Bobby Moon, Emperor Kwager, Noonrider, Liam Shooter, Black Jack, Pepper Pete, Mrtummy, and Captain Skull Kidd are well known to Air Warriors. Air Warriors fights invasions, Fleets, SvS, PvP, Queen Anne's Revenge, and Much Much More.We never ever give up. We are full with 500 people in the guild.Many Fights Many Frights all in a days work in Air Warriors!